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Editorial Services

Why use an editor in the first place? 

Some writers are blessed with excellent writing skills, and don’t need much help in the editing department. A simple proofread may be all you need. My goal as your editor is to be useful to you, but invisible to the reader. I don’t take the slash-and-burn technique and instead, aim for subtle, yet strong, revisions. If all you want is an extra set of eyes to go over the final draft, I’ll use a light-handed approach with minimal impact. If you are looking more for story development, character building, or overall manuscript organization, let me guide you easily along that route. 


Book Design

Simplicity is key.

Clear, concise formatting is an important visual aspect in your book’s design, as well. Font size and the font itself are equally as important as image placement, paragraph spacing and section breaks. Ever read a book where the next line contains only one word, or the following page has only one sentence? These are called ‘orphans’ and are the result of skipping corners in book formatting. I can help you select everything from trim size to fonts, as well as the book’s ‘feel.’ Do you like the idea of a soft or hardcover? What about a perfect bind versus stitched? Should the author’s name, book title and page number go at the top or the bottom of the page? I will also share secrets for keeping the page count down, without having to trim words, which is a direct cost saving to you when it comes to printing. E-book formatting also available. 

Cover Design

Judge a book by its cover.

Although the cover will be one of the last steps in the creation of your book, it is the first thing readers will see. A weak cover suggests weak writing, or at best, a writer uninterested in their book’s first impression. Your cover must speak more than a thousand words—in fact, it needs to capture every word inside your book. A great cover is one thing, but creating it is quite another. As a certified graphic designer, if I can’t create the image you want for your eye-catching cover, I have access to several different artists who probably can.

What’s the next step in your journey?

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Working with Heather as an editor was an incredible learning experience. She never ceased to challenge me by providing feedback that forced me to explore new ideas and pushed me to grow as a writer. Her feedback was always constructive; demonstrating how I could strengthen the story without losing my voice. If the opportunity presents itself, I would jump at the chance to work with Heather again.

~ John Devitt

Freelance Writer

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